30 Point Signature Service

The thirty-point checklist is a proprietary process that we use on every bicycle we assemble.

30 Point Guarantee

The thirty-point checklist guarantees that every bolt and adjustment on your bicycle is set to the manufacturer's documented specification. When one of "our" bikes comes back to us for a tune-up, we know that if it isn't adjusted to mechanical specification, it needs to be looked at and adjusted.


Frame Alignment

We examine frame alignment on every new bicycle. If either the fork dropouts or the rear dropouts are not aligned, we will repair them. If we can't repair them, the bicycle is not sold at a discount but is sent back to the manufacturer as defective.


Seat Tubes

Before a new bicycle is even out of the box, the seat tube is checked for burrs and blemishes. If any are found, they are removed from the seat tube before the seat is installed. A seat post should move freely in the frame without receiving vertical scratches from burrs. Not only do these scratches look bad, they can cause some seat posts to fatigue and fail prematurely.



Once the seat post is on the bicycle, we then work on the wheels. Your wheelset connects you to the ground. The rear wheel is the sole device that transmits your leg energy to the ground. The front wheel performs most of the braking functions of your bicycle. We take the time to pull the tires and tubes off of the wheels and inspect the integrity of the rim strips. Then the wheel hub bearings are adjusted and the wheel is properly trued. In the thousands of new wheels we have sold, we have yet to find a single wheel that meets our stringent specifications out of the box.


Assembly and Cables

Over the years, our process for assembling new bicycles has become more expensive and time-consuming. As manufacturers pre-assemble more of the bicycle, we have to disassemble more. Often we have to replace the brand new cables on a bicycle because the housing is an inch or two short, there's a kink in the cable that prevents flawless shifting, or the cable has been crushed by a factory adjusted cable stop screw.



It takes us 4 hours to build most road and mountain bicycles. Children's bicycles take 1-2 hours, and a tandem can take as long as 8 hours.

We do all of this so that the bicycle you buy from us will provide the best possible riding experience, the best possible ride for the money, and so that you can trust your bicycle to take you where you want to go reliably and safely.