9Zero7 Bikes

Fat Bikes from Alaska

9:Zero:7 bikes at Trek Stop bicycles

From a small company based out of Anchorage, Alaska, fat bikes like you've never seen before. Up there, snow biking takes up a good chunk of the year, so they've perfected riding the fatties.

9:ZERO:7 Bikes was really born in February of 2004 at the Susitna 100 winter endurance race in Alaska. Pushing their "fat bikes" equipped with uber-wide 44mm Snowcat rims through the night, Bill Fleming and Jamey Stull forged a friendship that ultimately resulted in the founding of Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska. Taking their passion for winter cycling to the next level, they developed and produced the first aluminum fat bike, the 9:ZERO:7, named after the area code of Alaska. Bill and Jamey have expanded the operation, and have made it their goal to design and produce the best fat-tire bike frames, components, and gear for all the fat biking aficionados out there.

We know you'll love ridin' the fatties, and we hope to help you ride on snow, sand, and anything else you can think of! Stop in Trek Stop Bicycles today to take one of these bikes for a spin!

9:Zero:7 bikes at Trek Stop bicycles