Trek Stop Policies

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Trek Stop Bicycles does not sell products over the Internet, phone, email, or mail order. We will not break our written contracts with our vendors, nor will we knowingly sell "gray" market products.

A "gray" market product is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part that lacks instructions, packaging, or consumer warranty that finds it's way to retail locations, mostly Internet e-tailers.

Many of the mail order stores that have been in business for several years do not deal in "gray" market products either, however, here's a little test you can perform when you find a deal that looks to good to be true. Ask if the product is delivered in retail packaging with instructions. For tires, this means that they have a hang label attached. If the product comes in a clear plastic bag, it is almost always "gray" market product.

Lastly, the store that sells you the product is responsible for servicing the warranty for that product. We service the warranty on every product we sell and only on products we sell. Please contact us, or bring in a product purchased from us that needs warranty service.


If there’s a problem with something you purchased from us, please bring it back to our store. Merchandise returned that appears used will be subject to a restocking fee. (Labor fees are not refundable, i.e., custom built wheels.) 

After calling to verify that shipping is an acceptable option, ship returns via Ground UPS or insured US Mail (we do not accept CODs). We may refund shipping costs on damaged merchandise. Returns must have a return authorization clearly marked on the outside of the package or the item will be refused.

Prices and Information

This website is intended to help you. We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our on-line catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. We appreciate your understanding should any of the prices or other information provided be incorrect and regret any inconvenience such mistakes may create. Please bring any errors you may find to our attention on your next visit or by calling or sending us an e-mail.